Are you prepared for fame and fortune?


When a top authority in your target market endorses you, says something nice about your article or presentation or book, or simply mentions you in passing, you want to share that with your clients and contacts—the people you know and the people you want to know.

It gives you street cred. Publicity. Something to add to your “about” page. And a heaping helping of pride.

It can bring you approbation (and referrals) from other professionals, more traffic to your website, new subscribers and leads, and new clients.

Your clients will like seeing that their attorney is a big shot. It validates their decision to hire you and refer you.

And don’t be surprised if other influential folks come knocking on your digital door, to interview you or invite you to something.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful thing when it happens and you should be prepared to leverage it when it does.

Set up a file and add notes about what you will do, with whom you will share the mention, and how you will thank the praise-giver.

In other words, how you will use endorsements or mentions (and testimonials and reviews) in your marketing.

Of course, not everyone who praises you will be a household name in your target market. In fact, you should assume they aren’t, and be prepared to tell your market all about them.

Who they are, what they do, why they matter.

If they’ve written a book, do a podcast, founded a company, won awards, served on important boards, have a prestigious degree, or even if they’re “merely” successful in their field, you need to talk about that when you share their endorsement or mention.

Edify them. Build them up. Make them appear to walk on water and glow in the dark.

When you do, the people who hear about them will have more respect for their opinion, and for you.

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your practice?