Build your network with email follow-ups


You meet someone new, in person or online. You get their email address (because if you don’t, why bother meeting anyone?) You’re all set to follow up with your new professional contact or prospective client.

What’s next?

You need to decide that, in advance.

What will you do? When? What will you say, what will you send them, what will you ask them?

Put on your thinking cap, figure that out, and write it down.

What you do will depend on many factors, including where you meet them, your practice areas and services, what they do, what you’re looking for, and more.

But you can sketch out a few typical scenarios to start and modify them as you go along.

For example, here’s a 5-step follow-up sequence you might adapt and use when you meet a new professional contact:

  1. Email No. 1—sent immediately: Nice to talk to you, (mention something I liked/thought was interesting); “here’s the (information/report/link) I promised to send you.”
  2. Email No. 2—sent X days after No. 1: Did you get it? Have any questions?
  3. Email No. 3—sent X days after No. 2: BTW—here’s something else you (your clients) might find useful.
  4. Email No. 4—sent X days after No 3: “I saw your website/read your article and liked X”, and/or ask them to tell you more about what they do
  5. Email No. 5—sent X days after No 4: Invite them to coffee/talk on phone (to see how we might work together)

You might also keep a list of optional or additional questions or comments to use in different situations. For example, what will you say or do if you didn’t promise to send them something?

The point is, follow-up is the key to building a new relationship and playing it by ear is not a good plan.

Get ready. You’re going to meet someone soon.

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your practice?