You don’t have to be social to use social media


I don’t use social media for personal matters. I rarely share or comment, I don’t post photos or talk about my personal life. I may or may not accept friend requests (if I see them), I don’t “chat” online, and I don’t have any social media apps on my phone.

I don’t do much more for work. I share my blog posts as I publish them, I check in now and then to see what’s been posted in a couple of groups I follow, and that’s about it.

Because I’m not social. And I’ve got other things to do.

Cal Newport, makes the case for using social media sparingly if at all in his best-selling book, “Digital Minimalism”. I guess I’m on his team, even if I do a lot less “deep work” than I should.

I’m certainly not an “all work and no play” kinda guy. I play games, I watch videos on silly subjects, and I have outside interests I regularly indulge.

But you won’t hear about them unless I talk about them in my newsletter.

You can get a lot of business using social media. I know more than a few lawyers who’ve done that. Even I get traffic and subscribers and clients that way.

But I let that happen, I don’t do a whole lot to make it happen.

To each his or her own.

If you enjoy social media and it doesn’t interfere with other things in your life, go for it.

If it gets in the way, if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s okay to cut down or let it go.

Just make sure you’re on my email list before you go.

Email is my primary marketing tool