3 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Get More Referrals


There are many ways to get more referrals. Here are 3 simple, “set-it-and-forget it” ways to do it.

1) Let your correspondence do the talking for you

Every email, cover letter, or invoice you send to your clients is an opportunity to remind them to send business. Add a prompt to the bottom of the document or to your email signature to do that.

Some examples:

  • “We appreciate your referrals”
  • “If you know someone with a legal issue or question, please have them call our office at xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for me.”
  • “We offer free consultations. No obligation, no pressure. If you know someone who might need to talk to an attorney, please have them call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx”.
  • “If you know someone who might have a legal issue, please forward my contact information to them.”
  • “When you refer a friend or business contact to us, please tell them to mention your name, so we know who to thank”

2) Let your website do the talking for you

Add prompts like the ones above to the footer of each page of your website, at the bottom of each blog post, on subscription “thank you” pages, and on your website’s contact form. The contact form could also prompt the visitor to supply additional information about the referral or to request that you send them a brochure, report, checklist or other information.

3) Let your marketing materials work harder for you

Your marketing materials have a dual purpose. To get the recipient to understand what you do and how you can help them, and to prompt them to provide referrals. So, make sure you add a referral prompt to each document, handout, or download.

Include your contact information and a simple “Referred by________________” so your clients and prospects will be reminded to hand these out or forward them to people who might need your help.

Adding referral prompt to your website, emails, invoices, and other documents, provides a cumulative benefit. Each time a client or prospect sees one of these prompts, they are reminded that referrals are commonly provided to your office, making it more likely that they will eventually make them.

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