Can you help me?


I need reviews for The Encyclopedia of Attorney Marketing, my 5-volume collection of “best of” articles from my blog.

So, I’m running a special on the Kindle edition:

  • Volume One: General Marketing and Practice Development
  • Volume Two: Client Relations and Referrals
  • Volume Three: Online Marketing
  • Volume Four: Productivity
  • Volume Five: Professional and Personal Success

For a limited time, you can get any volume for just .99.

You can see everything here

If you’ve read any of these books (and liked them), please show me some love by adding some stars and a review. Even a one-sentence review helps.

(And yes, you can leave a rating or review even if you haven’t read any of the books.)

You can get the entire series for less than $5 during this promotion.

Check it out here

I appreciate your help.

The Encyclopedia of Attorney Marketing