Marketing legal services made simple


Marketing is complicated–but it doesn’t need to be.

In fact, all you need to do is answer 2 questions.

These are the questions prospective clients want you to answer. Answer them well and you’ll be on your way to signing up a new client.

The first question won’t surprise you:

“Why do I need an attorney?”

Yes, many prospective clients know the answer to this question, but not everyone.

Some think they need an attorney’s help, but they’re not sure.

Some know they probably need an attorney, but tell themselves all kinds of stories to avoid admitting it, or avoid spending the money.

Some think that given enough time, the problem will resolve itself. Some think they can fix it themselves. And some think that if they do nothing, things won’t turn out as badly as they’ve imagined (or been told).

Your job is to answer this first question–on your website, in your presentations, in your articles, and in your conversations with prospective clients and the people who can refer them.

Tell people why they need an attorney and what can happen if they don’t hire one.

Now, as important as this is, an even better marketing strategy is to focus your efforts primarily on people who already know they need an attorney.

They know they have a problem, they know they can’t fix it themselves, and they know that bad things will happen if they don’t have an attorney by their side.

Target people who are in pain, who fear what is happening, or about to, and are actively looking for an attorney.

They make much better prospects, and clients.

Which leads to question number two:

“Why should I choose you?”

People know there are other attorneys who can help them. Your job is to convince them to hire you instead of your competition.

Show them why you are better. Show them how you are different. Show them why they should immediately stop looking and book an appointment with you.

Because when you’re the best, you’re in demand. There’s a long line or people at your door, ready to sign up, but you’re busy and not everyone will get in.

Lots of people want you, but not everyone will get you.

That’s why they should choose you. And that’s why they will.

If you need help answering question number two, start here: