Slow is smooth and smooth is fast


I just learned this is something taught to military snipers. I’ve heard (and used) a similar phrase: “Slow down to speed up”.

The both teach the value of doing the task slowly and deliberately, mastering the fundamentals first.

Indeed, that’s what will allow you to speed up.

In the context of building a law practice, some lawyers go for the gold right out of the gate. They run fast and break things, or try to spend their way to success.

They’d be better off slowing down and mastering the fundamentals.

Learn the basics of marketing, advertising (even if they don’t advertise), copywriting (even if they hire someone), and sales.

Get good at selling themselves before trying to sell their services.

Another way a lawyer can “slow down to speed up” is to focus on their warm market (clients, professional contacts, and others who “know, like, and trust” them), before venturing into the cold market.

Focus on repeat business and referrals first (and always) and get good at it. Use ads, social media, and other cold market methods (if you want to) only after you’ve mastered the basics.

And, when you’re ready to approach the cold market, don’t be in a hurry. Study the market, learn everything you can about it and the people in it.

And when you approach the market, use a high-powered sniper rifle, not a shotgun.

Here’s what to do

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