You’ll get more referrals if you do this


This is one of those things that might sound simplistic. Something you already know and do.

Don’t underestimate it. Because it invokes a very basic but powerful aspect of human nature. And because it works.

If you want to get more referrals, look for ways to remind people that other people send you referrals, and you appreciate it.

I’m not saying you should ask for referrals–just let the people in your world know that other people in your world send you business and/or tell others about you (your website, your content, etc.)

And you’re grateful for it.

I just got a “Happy Holidays” email “card” from my dentist that did just that. It included a holiday-themed image and a message from his-and-her nibs (my dentists are husband and wife).

The message said the usual things, “We’re grateful. . . honored to serve you. . .thank you. . . wishing you happy holidays. . .”.

Sandwiched in the middle of the message was the following:

“We appreciate the many referrals that you have made to us of friends and family, coworkers and neighbors. Your referrals are truly the greatest compliment and a testament to your trust in us! We strive to always reciprocate that trust by taking great care of your oral health with the highest level of care and service.”

In other words, they get a lot of referrals from their patients, and they appreciate them.

Note that they also mentioned who was referred–friends and family, coworkers and neighbors of their patients–suggesting that we (the recipient of the message) might have some of these people in our lives.

Simple, subtle, and effective.

Something every professional can do.

Not just during the holidays but all year long.

I do most of my marketing via email. You can, too.

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