It takes two to tango


Marketing isn’t about you. Oh, you’re an important part of it, just not the only part. You have a partner, a prospective client, the person you’re courting, and you can’t ignore them.

Just like you can’t ignore your partner on the dance floor.

You lead, of course, because it’s your dance. But you can’t make your partner do anything they don’t want to do.

Dancing has rules.

You don’t walk up to someone and start dancing, you ask them if they’d like to dance and give them your best smile. If they agree, you take their hand and lead them to the dance floor.

You start by getting to know them and letting them get to know you. You hold them and make them feel safe with you, and let them get into the rhythm of the dance.

You take a step, they move with you. You take another step, they do too.

On and on you go, guiding your partner, until the song ends and another begins. If they enjoyed dancing with you, they’ll let you know they want to continue. If not, they may go powder their nose and never return.

Marketing is like dancing. You lead, they follow, and, if all goes well, both of you have a good time.

When the dance is over, you have a new client.

And then you begin a different dance.

Marketing isn’t something you do on your own. You do things to attract people who might need what you offer, you show them what you can do, and you pay attention to how they respond.

You lead, they follow. You take them from where they are to where they want to go.

If you do well, if they like your moves (and you), they might want to come home with you.

Marketing is easier when you know The Formula

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