What to do when “nobody” shows up at your event?


An attorney was hosting a “lunch and learn” for Chiropractors and didn’t have many RSVPs. She was thinking of canceling but went ahead with it after reading my previous post about how marketing is like riding the bus.

Anyway, she didn’t ask for my advice but I offered her some. I told her to move most of the chairs to the back of the room or to another room so that it doesn’t look like you expected 30 and only a few showed up.


But what do you do after the event? And what do you do for your next one?

After the event, you email (or call) everyone who didn’t come and tell them they “missed an incredible event”. (Wasn’t it incredible that so few showed up?) You intimate that they missed something great, making it more likely that they will come next time.

And, next time, don’t announce the event or invite people to it–sell it.

People are busy. You need to persuade them that it’s worth taking their time to come to your event.

Tell them the benefits they will get and make ’em good.

Will they learn something they won’t learn anywhere else? Will they learn how to get more patients, save time, cut costs, or protect themselves? Will they get an edge over their competitors?

Will they get to meet someone special? Meet other DCs who are doing things they need to know about?

Will they be invited to your Facebook or Slack group, where they can network with their colleagues, exchange ideas (and referrals)?

Will they be able to get on a follow-up call or webinar or receive additional information that can help them?

And, share testimonials from their colleagues who attended your previous event.

Tell them you won’t do this again for another x months.

And then, call everyone on your invite list. Ask them to tell you that they will (or won’t) attend. Tell them, “seating is limited and we need to know if we should hold your seat or if it’s okay to give it to someone else”.

Do this and you won’t need to hide chairs, you’ll need to bring in extra.

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