You probably think this post is about you


Actually, this post is about you. Because you are the most important element in your marketing and career.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or the head honcho in a big firm, your success is predicated on the total package called “you”.

Clients buy you before they buy your services. They are attracted to you, your story, your face, and your message. Yes, they want to know about your experience and your services, but before they take the next step they want to know about you.

Put more “you” in your marketing.

Most lawyers don’t. They push out information, great information and in great quantities, but devoid of context or personality.

It’s not enough.

Clients don’t want a librarian, they want a mentor, a warrior,  a confidant, a friend.

They want to know what you’re like, what you think, and how you work with your clients. They want to hear your voice, telling them that you have the solution to their problem and that everything is going to be okay.

Information is good but will never take the place of “you”.

How to put more “you” in your website

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