Stop kidding yourself


I can’t tell you how many attorneys, having heard something I said or wrote, tell me, “I didn’t go to law school to become a salesperson,” or “I’m not good at sales.”

No, you’re not a salesperson. But you do sell your services. And, if you have any clients and get any referrals, you’re pretty good at it.

You speak to a prospective client and convince them (or allow them to convince themselves) to hire you. You speak on stage and convince people to make an appointment. You meet with a fellow professional, show them how you can help his or her clients, and eventually, persuade them (or allow them to persuade themselves) to send you referrals.

A while back, a subscriber (thanks, Tom) sent me this quote: “Pick your butt out of your chair thinking that a forty hour week is going to do it. Yep, forty at the machine, but forty more out in the field hustling and bending elbows with prospects and satisfied customers egging them on to give you referrals.”

The author was Frank Lloyd Wright.

Architects need to sell their services and so do attorneys.

How to get your clients to send you more referrals

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