Interviews for the win


People like to read about people. One of the simplest and most effective ways to market your practice is to interview people in your niche market.

Interview another professional. Interview a business owner or executive, a blogger or YouTuber. Interview one of your business clients. Interview anyone with an interesting story, information or advice pertinent to your niche market.

  • You’ll get content your target market wants to read (and your interviewees provide most of it)
  • You’ll get traffic to your blog, shares of your emails, social media posts or videos
  • You’ll get more subscribers and followers, prospects, and clients, and build your reputation as a leader in your market
  • You’ll have the perfect excuse to reach out to and meet influential people in your niche market
  • And you’ll get some of the people you interview asking to interview you, providing you with additional exposure

Interviews are easy. Ask 5 to ten questions, record and transcribe the interview, and turn it into a blog post or newsletter article. You can even turn an interview into a book. Here’s a book I published based on an interview of another attorney: How to Build a Successful Appellate Practice

Here’s a book I published based on an interview of me: How to Build a Successful Law Practice with Referrals

And here’s my book about how to turn interviews into books: The Easy Way to Write a Book

Interviews are easy. And pay the bills.

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