The only lawyer for the job


Instead of targeting niche markets, the average lawyer holds themselves out to “everyone” who has a legal issue they’re qualified to handle.

That’s why they’re average.

Unless they’re in a small town and are literally the only lawyer for the job, this is a poor strategy because they wind up being one of thousands of lawyers who say the same things and offer the same services.

They have no leverage. No edge. They spend way too much time and money getting their message out into the world and have a difficult time standing out.

Why do they do it? Fear. They’re afraid that if they hold themselves out as “specializing” in one type of client or target market, they won’t appeal to anyone else.

It gets them every time.

So, if you’re taking notes, write this down: it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a minnow in the ocean.

When you target a niche market, you can own that market. Be seen as the only lawyer for the job.

One reason:

You can immerse yourself in the niche, learning the issues, studying the culture and networking with the centers of influence. Your subconscious mind will synthesize this information and provide you with laser-focused ideas for articles, blog posts, videos, ads, reports, emails, presentations, and other content.

In your content, you can use examples of people in the market whom you have helped. When prospective clients and referral sources consume your content, they see you as someone who truly understands their market and is uniquely qualified to help them.

You can’t do that when you try to appeal to “everyone”.

Just saying.

This will help you choose the right niche market(s) for your practice

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