What if you’re not better?


Many lawyers have a marketing message that says, “choose me, I’m better”.

If you are better, and you can prove it, bravo. Go with that.

If you’re not better, or you can’t prove it, I suggest you tell the world how you are different.

What do you do that other lawyers don’t do? What do you do differently?

You’ll be giving prospective clients a way to notice and remember you. “Oh, she’s the lawyer who rides a motorcycle to the office.”

Ideally, whatever difference you promote will also contain a benefit for clients. It will show them why they should choose you.

Yes, while showing them how you are different you will also show them how you are better.

But the “difference” you promote doesn’t have to make you better. It might just help them remember you.

If you ride a motorcycle and you handle PI cases, specializing in motorcycle collisions, you’ve both different and better. If you’re a corporate lawyer who rides a motorcycle to the office, people will remember you because most corporate lawyers don’t do that.

If you’re not better, be different.

This will help you figure out how

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