How to get better prospects


If you produce content (blog posts, articles, videos, etc.) that bring a preponderance of poor quality prospects–freebie-seekers, broke people, people who need “convincing” or hand-holding, and so on–I have a suggestion.

A way to bring in higher quality prospects. People with money. People who know they have a problem. People who clearly see that you can help them and who want that help.

Sound good?

Here it is: Convert some of your free content into paid content.

Instead of free webinars, for example, offer a low-cost webinar, perhaps in the $20 to $50 neighborhood, something that doesn’t require a big decision but does require a commitment.

You’ll get fewer participants but the ones who show up will be serious prospects.

Here’s the catch. Since they’re paying, you have to deliver somewhat more value and tone down the sales pitch. People are tired of having to sit through twenty minutes of pitching in a one-hour webinar but they’ve been conditioned to expect it so they often sign up and don’t show up.

When they pay, they show up.

And when they show up, they pay attention and get to see that you really know your stuff. Which means some of them will hire you on the spot.

You’ll have lower costs, too, because you won’t need to maintain a high capacity webinar system or expensive funnel system to maximize your numbers.

You can do the same thing with live seminars. Instead of renting a room in a hotel, maybe you can do seminars in your office conference room.

While you’re pondering the possibilities, also consider creating some paid videos, reports, ebooks, and other content. A paid newsletter, perhaps.

Free content works. But sometimes, paid content works even better.

Marketing is easier when you know the formula

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