Any marketing is better than no marketing


You have goals for the year. Resolutions. Plans. You intend to grow your practice, increase your income, and make this year your best year.

You’re ready to dig in and make it happen. Marketing is one of the big things on your list.

So you begin.

Three weeks from now, when the excitement and newness has worn off, when you’re bored or tired, when you’re not seeing results and you’re ready to give up, you need to remember something.

Any marketing is better than no marketing.

So do something.

Even if you hate it. Even if you’re terrible at it. Even if you give up after three weeks.

Do something. Anything. If you start, you may continue. Or you may learn something, about marketing or about yourself.

You might learn what doesn’t work (for you). You may confirm that you don’t want to do something ever again and free up some time and brain power for something else. You might mess up but learn from your mistakes and figure out how to do it better. You might get poor results, keep going, and finally have a breakthrough.

So choose something and do it. Something new or a new way of doing something you’ve done before.

Try it on for size. Maybe you won’t hate it. Maybe it will be okay. Maybe you’ll actually like it and want to continue. If so, great. If not, the effort won’t be wasted. Everything you do is an opportunity to learn and grow.

You may learn a new skill. Meet some new people. Write something you can use. Wherever you wind up, three weeks from now or later this year, you’ll be in a different place than you are right now.

And that’s why any marketing is better than no marketing.

So do something. Give yourself permission to stink at it. Accept that you might hate it. But pat yourself on the back for doing something.

Because any marketing is better than no marketing.

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