E.G.B.O.K. Everything’s going to be okay. You’re problems will be resolved, your goals will be achieved, and you’ll live happily ever after.

At least that’s what you should assume because assuming otherwise won’t do you any good.

Don’t worry about the future. Or the present. No matter how bad things might be, worrying won’t help.

Worry is a useless emotion. Banish the word from your vocabulary. You’ll feel much better, and feeling better will help you achieve better outcomes.

Another way to put it: think about what you want, not what you don’t want. And smile. Everything’s going to be okay.

On the other hand, don’t be naive or reckless. Assume the best but prepare for the worst.

Make contingency plans. Install backups. Buy insurance. Have regular checkups. Because an ounce of prevention, and all that.

Okay, want to know a secret? How to make it easier to eliminate worry and assume the best? I’ll tell you something that’s worked for me, and God knows I’ve needed it.

I’ve built a law practice, from scratch, twice. No clients, no list, no money, and in the case of the first instance, no experience. I’ve started more than a few businesses, most of which are no longer extant. I’ve had many business and personal failures, and more unfinished projects than I can count. I’ve been to Hell and back and I have survived. (This would be a good place for a song, but I’ll spare you.)

Anyway, my “secret” is to approach things with a long-term perspective.

I think in terms of years and decades, not weeks or months. When you see yourself doing something ten or twenty years from now, you are much less likely to let short term problems throw you off track.

Someone owes you thousands of dollars and won’t pay? No problem. A bump in the road. A long and ultimately prosperous and fulfilling road. Ten years from now, you won’t even remember it. You’ll be too busy counting your millions.

So think long term and don’t worry about the short term. Everything’s going to be okay.

But don’t get too comfortable. There’s work to be done (and problems to solve) and we can only do that in the here and now.

Think long term but act short term. Focus on what you can do right now, today, and get it done. You’ll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

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