Date ’em all and the good ones twice


Thinking about high school again and remembering an expression many boys used when speaking about girls: “Date ’em all and the good ones twice”. Only they didn’t use the word “date”. Use your imagination.

The thing is, this juvenile display of bravado and adolescent yearning may actually have been good advice. When you’re young, it makes sense to play the field. Dating (actual dating) lots of people helps you discover what you like and what you don’t like so you can make a better decision when choosing a spouse.

It also happens to be good advice for achieving success in a business or career.

Try lots of jobs. Lots of ideas. Lots of tools and techniques. Try ’em all and come back to (marry?) the ones you like best.

I just finished reading a book on productivity. I read lots of books on that subject but this one was different. The way the author explained the power of habits for effecting change and achieving goals resonated with me in a way that other books haven’t. I highlighted nearly every page and now, I will go back and read it again. I’ll also take notes and do the exercises I skipped the first time through. Because this one looks like a keeper.

I read a lot of books but re-read only a small percentage. Actually, if it’s good enough to re-read, I usually do that several times.

Date ’em all and the good ones twice. And if they’re really good, marry ’em.

Here’s something you should probably read again

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