Priorities for marketing a law practice


Marketing to clients is easier and more profitable than marketing to prospective clients.

It’s easier to get someone who has hired you once to hire you again. It’s easier to get existing clients to buy your more comprehensive and expensive services. It’s easier to get clients to give you referrals.

It’s also easier get clients to promote your events, share your content, provide testimonials and positive reviews, mention you on social, and send traffic to your website.

Clients are easier to “sell” to because they already know, like, and trust you. They are more profitable because you’ve already paid the marketing costs (money, time) to acquire them.

Even if a client has already “purchased” your most expensive (or only) service, they are potentially worth more to you than someone who has never hired you.

Marketing to prospective clients is important, of course. You need to keep the funnel full. But if you want to earn more and grow your practice faster, you should make marketing to clients your number one priority.

You should also do whatever you can to get prospects into the client column. Get them to hire you for something. It doesn’t matter what. You want them in your office, signing papers, handing over a few dollars, seeing you in action.

One way to do this is to offer them an entry level service. Something small and inexpensive. Something that doesn’t require a big commitment.

If you don’t have an entry level service, create one. Break up one of your services into smaller pieces. One document, one hour, one small bundle. Or offer a free consultation, a free document review, or a free second opinion.

Just get them in the door so you can call them a client and start turning them into a lifetime client, a fan, and a referral source.

Marketing is simple when you know The Formula

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