What will you do today to bring in some business?


I got an email this morning from a representative of the company that develops Write!, a text-based writing app. He offered to set me up with a free account so I could try the software and, perhaps, mention it or review it on my blog.

I’m a good candidate for that since I have mentioned my use of Scrivener and other writing apps before, and because lawyers do a lot of writing. But I already own the app. I bought it several months ago and use it nearly every day. I like it and recommend it. You should go take a look.

So there. I mentioned it. I won’t review it because that’s not something I ordinarily do.

The email I received is a good example of simple but effective marketing that anyone can do.You probably won’t contact strangers and offer free legal services but you might offer a free report or book. (If you don’t have one, get cookin.)

But there’s another point I want to make about the pro-active nature of contacting people you don’t know.

Most lawyers do little or no outbound marketing. They sit and wait for their ads to work or for search engines to send them traffic. They wait for someone to find them and invite them to speak at their event. They wait for someone to send them referrals.

There’s so much more they could do.

Reach out to someone you don’t know, by email or phone, and introduce yourself. Invite them to submit a guest post for your blog or ask if they would like you to provide one for theirs. Offer to interview them for your podcast or video channel. Query a publication about an article. Post comments on someone else’s blog. Go to a meeting and shake some hands.

Attraction marketing is good. I love it when people find me and send me money (or free software). But we shouldn’t always wait for something to happen. We should get off our bums and make something happen.

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