Marketing is good. Smart marketing is better


You’re not like most attorneys. You understand the importance of marketing your practice and you’re doing something about it.

Many attorneys don’t get this. They think that if they do a good job for their clients more clients will come and they don’t have to do anything else.

Good work does bring in clients. No question. But why settle when you can bring in so many more?

I think many attorneys who eschew marketing don’t realize how much marketing they really do. Every time they speak or write an article or show up at an event and talk to people, every time they send a note thanking their clients and contacts for their business and their referrals, every time they call a client or a professional contact and ask about their business or family, all of this is marketing.

If you’re doing it, why not do it to the best of your ability?

Why not continually assess what you’re doing and the results you’re getting and make an effort to improve those results?

And why not at least consider adding some new strategies and techniques to your routine?

Okay. I’m not trying to convince anyone they need to market their legal services. I’m really not. That would not be good marketing on my part. It would not be a good use of my time.

It’s much more effective and profitable (and enjoyable) to target people who already understand this and are looking for ways to improve what they’re doing.

People like you.

In your marketing, you should do the same.

Spend less time (or no time) trying to convince people they need to hire an attorney and more time (or all of your time) targeting people who already know this and are looking for an attorney.

Don’t worry about people who need an attorney but don’t believe it or don’t want to spend the money (or don’t have the money) or aren’t in enough pain to look for solutions.

Marketing is one thing. Smart marketing is something else.

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