The lawyer who would be clown


Okay boys and girls, gather up your blankets and let’s form a circle, it’s storytelling time.

Once upon a time there was a lawyer who wanted to be more successful. Does anyone know what a lawyer is? Johnnie? No, it’s not someone who loys. A lawyer is someone who gets paid a lot of money for writing letters and talking on the phone. So children, pay attention to your reading and writing lessons and someday, you’ll drive a nice car and live in a nice house.

One day, the lawyer decided he wanted to get more clients. Do you know what a client is? Right, Cindy, a client is someone who pays you to tell them what to do, and if you pay them more, they’ll do it for you.

Anyway, the lawyer didn’t know how to get more clients because they don’t teach you that in law school. Yes, Johnnie, it is incredible to pay six-figures for a degree and learn nothing about how to make money with it.

Anyway, the lawyer looked all over the Internet to find out how to bring in more clients. One thing he learned is that he should do something to stand out and look different from all the other lawyers in town. He needed to do something to get noticed. Can you think of any ways he could do that?

Yes, Johnnie, dressing like a clown and chasing people down the street with a knife would definitely get him noticed, but that’s probably not the best way for a lawyer to stand out.

The lawyer learned that since many lawyers offer the same services, one way to get noticed is to offer services that are better or different. If he did that, people would notice him and talk about his services and go to his website to learn more about how he can help them.

He also learned that he could stand out by telling people about himself. He heard that a lot of people choose a lawyer based on their personality and style, more than anything else. If they learn more about your background, personal life, and outside interests, they often relate to you  and like you, and this brings them a step closer to hiring you.

The lawyer thought about what he had learned and decided that he would do both things. He would offer services that look different from what other lawyers offer and he would show people some things about himself. Not too much, just enough to let them get to know him.

A few months went by and the lawyer was already getting more clients and earning more income. A few years went by and he was very successful and very rich.

Unfortunately, the lawyer let his success go to his head. He decided he would run for office. He started lying, cheating, and stealing, got elected and ruined the world.

Well kids, what lesson have you learned today? That’s correct, it’s better to dress like a clown and chase people down the street with a knife than to become a politician.

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