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When I began my quest to learn about marketing legal services, there weren’t many books available on the subject. There were the usual ABA assortment, with advice for big firms, and some books on starting a new practice (thank you, I know how to order business cards), but nothing that was immediately usable to me.

I didn’t need theory, I needed to know what to do today to bring in some business tomorrow so I can pay my rent on the first.

Hungry for ideas, I turned to books written for other disciplines.

I read books written for retail store owners, insurance sales people, and real estate professionals. I read books about cold calling, copy writing, advertising, direct mail, speaking, writing, and sales.

I read everything I could find in the library that remotely pertained to marketing and advertising, and bought countless more at the bookstore.

Much of what I read didn’t apply to marketing legal services, but I got some ideas. Eventually, I found some things that worked.

Reading broadly, outside of the legal realm, helped me gain perspective and grow as a marketer. I still do this and I suggest you do the same.

Of course today there are a lot of books and blogs about marketing legal services. But when we only read in one area, we risk growing stale. Mix it up a bit. Read books and blogs written for other professionals and businesses. Learn how they go about marketing, advertising, sales, and management.

Read about personal development and leadership. Even if you have no employees, you are still a leader–of your clients and professional contacts and in your community.

When I started a network marketing business, I learned about a different kind of marketing. The genesis of some of the crazy (crazy good) ideas that infuse my writing about marketing legal services is network marketing.

Speaking of network marketing, have you read my new book, “Recruit and Grow Rich”? Even if you have no interest in network marketing, you might want to pick up a copy. One of the reviewers (an attorney whose name you will recognize) said many of the ideas in the book apply to almost any type of business. Another reviewer called it a “must read for attorneys”.

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