Getting new clients with just one click


Yesterday, I announced the publication of my new book. Even though it’s not related to marketing legal services, I sold a small boatload of books. If you bought one, thank you. If you did not see yesterday’s post, you can see the book in the Kindle store here.

I was able to do this because I have an email list. One email, click, and sales.

If you have a list, getting new clients can be just as easy.

Wait, what if you practice criminal defense, personal injury, or consumer bankruptcy, where something has to happen before people hire a lawyer? What good is having a list if the need for your services has passed, or has not yet occurred?

Good question.

Here’s the answer.

Let’s say you have a list of several thousand people who were at one time interested in what you do or something you offered. Your list may include former clients, prospective clients who never hired you, and many others with whom you crossed paths.  Putting aside the notion that out of thousands of people on any list, there is always somebody who needs your services, let’s look at what else that list can do for you.

Let’s start with referrals. The people on your list know people who need your help. Ask them for referrals. Or ask them to refer people they know to a web page where they can download your free report (and sign up for your list). Or ask them to refer people to your social media channels to follow you. Or ask them to forward your email announcing your new seminar to people they know.

You may not get “instant clients” this way, but on the other hand, you might. You will also get your name and information in front of a bunch of people who might need your help some day, or know someone who does.

Use your list to grow your list and use your list to grow your practice.

What else?

What if instead of promoting your own services or offering, you promoted someone else’s? Your former bankruptcy clients may not need you today, but they may need the services of an estate planning attorney. Or a financial planner. Or an accountant. Or an immigration attorney. A divorce lawyer. Business lawyer. Real estate agent. Insurance broker.

Find someone with a list and promote their services to your list. Ask them to promote you to theirs.

What else?

What if you write a book and put it up for sale. The book helps people with issues in your practice area. Book sales build your reputation and generate leads and inquiries for your services. You ask your list to buy it and promote it. Their efforts help you sell more books. The books help you sell more services.

Getting new clients is much easier if you have a list. If you don’t, there are other things you can do to bring in business, but you’ll have to do a lot more than click.

To learn how to build a list and what to send it, get this.

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