Miscellany Friday (no, it doesn’t rhyme)


Today, I thought I’d share a few miscellaneous items with you and let you choose what interests you. If you like “round-up” posts like this one, let me know.

1. Find Out How Much You Are Overbilling Your Clients

A discussion about how lawyers who delay recording of their billable hours, usually until the last two days of the month, routinely overbill clients by an average of 23%.

Don’t forget to check out my ebook on the subject: Get the Check: Stress-Free Legal Billing and Collection

2. Longer is Better for Blog Content: Truth or Myth?

Do longer blog posts draw more search engine traffic? Apparently so. But do most people read 2000 word posts, and do you have time to write them?

I’ve written before about this subject and have concluded that you need a mix of longer, authoritative posts, to draw traffic, and shorter posts to engage browsing visitors.

3. Legal ethics: Are blogs governed by advertising rules?

Is writing a blog advertising? I don’t think so, and neither does Kevin O’Keefe, the author of this post. And yet various jurisdictions seek to regulate blogs as advertising. Frankly, I don’t think we need specific rules for lawyer advertising at all. General rules (don’t misrepresent, full disclosure, et. al.) do quite nicely.

4. OneTab extension for Chrome saves up to 95% of memory

I always thought I was pretty good about staying focused on whatever I was doing. Throughout my day, I’ll keep a couple of browser windows open, each with six or seven tabs. No problem for a stud like me, right? Boy was I wrong.

I just installed OneTab, an extension for Chrome. It’s a simple thing that collapses all of your open tabs (or whichever ones you designate) into a single tab with links you can click to re-open those tabs. I’ve found that not only does this reduce the drain on memory, up to 95% we are told, so everything works faster, videos don’t stall, and so on, it’s also making me way more productive.

For example, instead of checking email every 15 minutes, I check it when I’m done with whatever I’m working on. Stupidly simple, but it works.

I’m sure there are equivalent extensions for different browsers and platforms.

So, there you go.