A simple way to get clients to choose you instead of other attorneys


I know something about you. At least I think I do. I know that the services you offer are pretty much identical to what other attorneys in your market offer.

Am I right?

If I am, you have a problem. And an opportunity.

The problem is that when you offer essentially the same services other attorneys offer, it’s harder to stand out. “Why should I choose you?” clients want to know.

There are many ways to differentiate yourself from other lawyers. One of the simplest is to enhance the “value proposition” of your services by offering something different.

No, not radically different. A divorce is a divorce after all. A small change or addition to what you offer is enough to differentiate you.

What could you add to the services you offer that would make you “a little bit better”? Could you add a bonus service? A guarantee? Free updates or reviews?

Fill in the blanks: “When you hire me to handle your _____________ (legal matter), not only do you get _______________ (services), you ALSO get_____________ “.

A divorce lawyer might give clients a free “Will/Living Will package”. A bankruptcy attorney might provide information and advice on “Re-Building Credit after Bankruptcy”. A PI lawyer might provide an insurance policy review, showing clients how to save money and improve their coverage.

By the way, the “something extra” you offer can be provided by another professional. For example, our divorce lawyer might offer his clients a “financial makeover” provided by a financial planner or CPA.

Offering something extra, something other attorneys don’t offer (or don’t promote) could be just enough to get clients to choose you instead of other attorneys. But there’s something else it might do: allow you to charge more than other attorneys.

When you offer more value to your clients, you are worth more. Clients can fill in the blanks, too. If they say about you, “Yes, he charges a little more but with him, I also get _________”, not only will they choose you instead of other attorneys, they’ll pay more for the privilege.

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