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From: David M. Ward

To: Attorneys who want to get more clients Re: Free Report How To Get More Clients In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!”

Dear Attorney Friend,

During the last few years, you may have seen one of my ads in which I make the following statement:

“I earn over $300,000 per year, working just three days a week, and I can show any lawyer how to do the same.”

I know, that’s quite a boast. But I couldn’t say it if it were not 100% true. Although I haven’t practiced law for several years now, I really did earn $300,000 a year in my practice, and yes, I really did work only three days a week.

I credit my success to a little-known referral marketing method I accidentally discovered several years ago, at a time when things were not going well for me.

Actually, my life was a mess. I had almost no clients, and no idea how to get any. I was broke and deeply in debt. I was constantly scared, and every day I went home physically and emotionally exhausted.

I felt like a hamster on a wheel that was spinning so fast I couldn’t get off.

One day, I met someone who worked for a lawyer across town who was bringing in a ton of referrals. It didn’t look like he was working very hard, yet he had plenty of money. (The matching Mercedes’ he and his wife drove were definitely a clue).

Needless to say, I was curious to find out how he was doing it, and I pestered him until I found out.

His method of getting referrals was surprisingly simple. With my track record, however, I was sure it wouldn’t work for me.

But I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I tried it. To my surprise, and delight, I started bringing in new clients almost immediately.

It felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off me. Clients started calling, I had money to pay the bills. I finally started to enjoy practicing law. Let me tell you…

It sure feels good to come to the office every day knowing the phone will ring and new business will be on the line!

I learned something that day. I knew, of course, that most lawyers get the bulk of their business through referrals. What I didn’t know was how important it was to have a referral system.

Without a system, referrals are. . . unpredictable. You may get new business this month, you may not. But a referral system can bring in a steady stream of new clients, month after month, year after year.

Anyway, over the next few years, I took what I had learned and refined it into a complete referral marketing system. After several years of using it myself, in 1997 I began teaching my referral system, which I call “Referral Magic!” to lawyers throughout the U.S. The results have been extremely positive.

** An estate planner in Kent, Washington brought in six referrals the first week he used the system.

** A personal injury lawyer in Reno, Nevada tried the system and got twenty-three new clients his first two months, all referrals.

** A lawyer in Kansas wrote me and said, “I project that your guidance will add an additional two to three clients a week, and at an average fee of $1500 per client, well, you do the math! I thank you, my wife thanks you, my kids thank you!”

Today, more than 5,000 lawyers are using my referral marketing system to get more clients and increase their income.

I’ve written a report entitled, “How To Get More Clients In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!” which reveals how any lawyer can use this system to get more clients and increase their income. Here’s a small sample of what you will learn with my system:

  • How to get clients to refer you a ton of new business. . . without being asked
  • How to quickly develop a network of referral sources, starting from scratch
  • How to get other lawyers to refer their clients to you instead of your competition
  • How to “pyramid” referral sources to grow your practice geometrically
  • How to create a simple “device” in about an hour” that can immediately double, or even triple your referrals
  • How to earn more while working less

If you want to get more clients, you need this report. To get a FREE copy, click here.

Sincerely, David M. Ward


P.S. Remember, marketing is not taught in law school. And with so many lawyers today (over one million) competing for a limited (and shrinking) number of clients, every lawyer must learn how to market his or her services.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how hard you work. If you don’t know how to get clients you’re going to starve. Get this free report and let me show you how to get more clients and increase your income. . .

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P.P.S. For those who care about these kinds of things, please note that this report was written when I was still practicing law–I am no longer doing so. Order Referral Magic |  Success Stories