Maximum Referrals: The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients and Building a Successful Law Practice

Maximum Referrals: The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients and Building a Successful Law PracticeLet’s face it, referrals rock. Of all the marketing methods you could possibly use, there’s nothing more powerful or profitable than referral marketing.

Referrals mean you get new clients without depending on networking, blogging, speaking, social media, or other marketing methods, and without spending money on advertising.

Not only are referred clients more profitable, they are usually better prospects than you typically get through advertising or the Internet. Because someone they know, like, and trust recommended you, they come to you “pre-sold” on your ability to help them.

As a result, they are more likely to make and keep an appointment, and more likely to sign up.

Imagine your phone ringing every day with new clients on the line who were referred to you. Imagine hearing from clients every day who say they have someone they want to refer.

In my practice, 90% of my clients came from referrals, and most of those came from my clients. Getting good at referral marketing allowed me to build a big practice in a very competitive field.

Not only did I make a small fortune, I was able to cut my work week down to just three days. Three days!

Anyway, if you know my story, you know that things didn’t start out that way. As a new lawyer, I couldn’t bring in business to save my life. In fact, my first five years in practice, there were many months when I didn’t have enough money to cover buy groceries, let alone pay the rent.

Referral marketing saved me. Once I figured out how to turn on the referral spigot, my income quickly quadrupled.

Maximum Referrals: The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients and Building a Successful Law Practice, shows you how to do what I did.

You’ll learn how to increase the number of clients who send you referrals, and increase the number of referrals each client provides. If you get one or two referrals each month today, you could soon double or triple that number. By this time next year, you might be getting referrals. . .

. . .every single day of the week.

Like I did in my practice, once I used the strategies and techniques in this course.

In Maximum Referrals, you’ll learn

  • How to turn your clients into your own private sales force
  • How to create letters and documents you can send to you clients that “do most of the talking for you”
  • How to get referrals from new clients, former clients, and from people who don’t hire you
  • A ridiculously easy way to get clients to refer MORE OFTEN
  • How to create and use “referral devices” that make it easier for clients to get the word out about your services
  • How to create a referral culture in your practice that effortlessly brings in new clients
  • The simplest way to get more referrals that you’re probably not doing
  • What to say to clients about referrals (if you must), and the best times to say it
  • Indirect referrals: what they are and how to get them
  • How to get referrals from clients who don’t know anyone who needs your services!
  • How to turn your client database into a powerful marketing tool
  • And more. A LOT more.

The course comes with

  • Forms for analyzing and tracking referrals
  • Model referral letters you can adapt and send to your clients and former clients
  • An action plan and step-by-step instructions for incorporating this system into your practice

You also get a BONUS REPORT, “What the wealthiest lawyers do that most lawyers don’t!” Trust me, this report might just be the most valuable information in the entire course.

Maximum Referrals isn’t just a collection of ideas, letters, and forms. It’s a complete system for getting more clients and building a successful referral-based practice. Study the material in this course and use even a handful of these strategies and techniques, and I promise you your practice will never be the same.

I know that because I’ve taught these strategies and techniques to thousands of lawyers, in every practice area you can think of, in more than 60 countries. From solos to partners in 1000-lawyer firms. Hundreds of lawyers around the world told me their results. Many doubled or tripled their practices using what I taught them. Some got rich.

These strategies worked for me and many other lawyers, and that’s why I know they will work for you.

Maximum Referrals comes in pdf format and is available for immediate download. You can use PayPal or a credit card. You get the complete system, with all the forms and model letters and the bonus report, for just $97. 

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Here’s what attorneys say about my programs:

As an update about the success I have had with [this technique], the 2nd client (and the one I thought would not use that approach) agreed to the plan. As a result of using this approach, I deposited over $60,000.00 since purchasing the cash flow for attorneys program. Wow!!”

A few days later: “Went 3 for 3. Last one agreed today and paid me. I put $75,000.00 in the bank in 2 weeks. I love it!” —Jack Robinson, Texas

“I think your materials are great. I got a lot out of them. I started using one of your techniques but I got so many responses, my secretary was going crazy and made me stop! I’m going to hire a young lawyer to handle the extra work, so I can spend more time marketing.” –Bernard H., MA

“I am one of your original subscribers. Last year was my biggest year ever. I moved about $2 million in PI cases across my desk. Most of those clients were retained using techniques you taught me. Not bad for a sole practitioner.

Your internet advice over the phone already saved me the price of your course and will make me a fortune in the future. As you know, there is a gold rush going on in the internet. Lawyers who hesitate will be left behind and broke. —John J. Schalter, MI

David, you were kind enough to offer a detailed, five-page critique of the networks I had been forming among other lawyers. You had asked me to keep you informed of my progress. I am happy to report that my first case resulted in a $10,000 fee within the first month! Much of what you said in your five-page letter proved prophetic. So far I have received 6 cases that I would not have otherwise had.–David Wright

I’m finding your program extremely helpful. In the first week of business on a part time basis, I have 3 new clients. –Jane K., LA

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More recommendations

Your materials are unbelievably good! I should know. I used to be the marketing director of a 100,000 member association headquartered in Kansas City. We had a large marketing department and did all of our own creative, production, copywriting  etc. I ran the whole show so my expertise has been in the marketing arena.

Having said that, let me tell you, your course taught me more about marketing legal services than the entire sum total of all the marketing research and reading I’ve done over the last decade. There’s something there for every attorney.

I project that your guidance will add an additional 2 to 3 clients a week. . . and at an average of fee of $1500 per client. . . well you do the math.

I thank you. . . my wife thanks you and my kids thank you. Oh yeah, like the commercial says. . . we’re going to Disneyworld. . .thanks to you.” —Bill H., KS

I have never seen such a collection of relevant secrets and pragmatic ideas on how to build a law practice. I had always assumed that successful lawyers either: (1) never gave away their secrets; or (2) did something unethical to obtain their clients. The fact that you would even consider sharing the secrets of your success says a lot about your character.

[T]here are a lot of struggling lawyers that I have attempted to help over the years. So many drop out of the profession and change careers because they can’t make a living practicing law. You may never hear about all the careers you have saved. You will never know all the good you have done.” –David W.,TX

“[My three partners and I] were very happy with what we received. A lot of thought and energy appears to have gone into the program. It was good to see more subtle approaches that appear to fit our firm’s nature. We expect to quadruple our income by the end of the year! Seriously, we are quite busy and have for the first time hired an associate.” —Robb K., Chicago, IL

“The marketing approach is a very practical one. [You] provide concrete suggestions suitable for a wide variety of legal practices.” –Vera B., FL

How refreshing to finally find marketing advice from someone who understands the legal profession. I had become frustrated with my current marketing advisor’s more generic approach and it is already apparent that your advice will be much more helpful.” –Alice K., CA

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